Buying sparkasse logs, hiring longtime log provider.




6 Июн 2021
Hello friends, as i said in the title, we are going to hire a log provider who can provide us German bank logs on daily basis with consistency .

* Page
* Username password
* phone number of the victim
* address of the victim

-We may also ask you to provide the birthdate of the victim for sparkasse logs.

Here i drop some examples:

HOST: Internet branch - Sparkasse Ho * говнофорума * ranken (log page provided by stealer)
USER: Hans
PASS: 91512
Ogdenstr. **, ***** Hof
49 (0) 2211 ******
49 (0) 272 ********

45k, PushTAN, card number: '********', expiry date: '12 .2020 ', IBAN:' DE41 7315 **** 0330 21 ', BIC:' Hansxxxxxx ', bank name:' '/ login data:' ******** ',' KK21124 '/ first name:' ****** ', surname:'
**** ', place of birth:' Ulm ', date of birth:' 12.1.**** ', num:' +49********* ', street and house number:' *********', postcode:' 289** ', place:' Neu-Ulm ', state:' bayern '/ IP: '91 .91.**
5.***' / User-Agent: 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SM-G988) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.1240.110 Mobile Safari/537.36'

You can offer the price per data, but before trying to offer high prices, know that we haven't started our operations, and after we start fully operating, your pay will also increase accordingly which we are sure that will be enough to satisfy your needs.

This is a long time job, if you know this business you already know the amounts of money can be made from this job, give your passion..

You can use web skimmers, phishing sites, stealers.. whichever you like as long as you provide the data in the aforementioned format. (include bic if using phishing site)

Including victim's birthdate in sparkasse logs would help us alot.

Payments will be made in professionally laundered crypto coins.

We require a sample data before starting business with you as to test the format and the validity of the data.

The volume of the purchases might increase over time so make sure that you can also increase your input.

Please don't try to sell that 8 or 10 log that you found from your logs ! we need logs that are collected specific for this business, it may continue months.

Please don't waste both our time trying to scam us, we know what is what and how things work. There is shit load of money in this job, we need serious hackers not ripper schoolkids.


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